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Kuta Bali - Indonesia

Kuta District is a sub-district in Badung Regency, Bali Province, Indonesia. This area, which covers an area of ​​17.52 km², has tourist attractions in Indonesia that are well known abroad, namely Kuta Beach, especially for surfing fans.

Kuta is already known to many people for its tourist attractions, namely its beaches, shopping shops, attractive night atmosphere which is very suitable for relieving the stress of daily activities.

Kuta also has various kinds of accommodation hotels where you can stay, from the cheapest to 5 star hotels in Kuta.

We will briefly review the attraction of Kuta for Bali tourism.

Kuta Beach Bali

kuta beach

Kuta Beach Bali has a strategic location in the tourism center of Bali so that access is easy, it can be reached from all directions. This beach is also close to interesting places in Bali which are visited by many tourists every day.

Kuta Beach Bali is famous for its long stretches of white sand. Many visitors like to walk on the clean white sand of the beach or just play in the sand.

Kuta Beach, which stretches for 2 kilometers, has white sand and quite high waves. It cannot be denied that because the waves are high and the beach atmosphere is beautiful, this beach is ideal and is often used as the main holiday destination for surfing tourists, both beginners and experienced surfers.

You can also enjoy a very beautiful sunset to pass by, capture this moment for photos with your partner, family or friends.

Art Shop On The Streets of Kuta

legian streets

Kuta District, Badung Regency and Bali Province, Indonesia. The location is only 5 minutes from Denpasar Airport if you drive a car.

There are many taxis that can take visitors to Kuta Beach. You can rent a taxi by the meter or by the hour. Bringing a private vehicle is not recommended because parking is limited and tight.

if we walk around at night, especially on Jalan Legian, you will find art shops along the way… there are Balinese handicrafts, Balinese clothes, and many others.

Apart from the art shops on the side of Jalan Legian, you will enjoy music from the cafes or restaurants that line Jalan Legian. Apart from that, you can find many nightclubs on this street.

Apart from that, there are many star-rated hotels on the outskirts of Kuta, making it easier for you to enjoy the lively night atmosphere in KUTA

Nightlife in Kuta

Nightlife in Kuta is very different where there are several nightclubs for your exciting evening entertainment, unwinding and enjoying your holiday, your own way to become a better yourself. 

So after a day spent at the beach and shopping, it’s time to enter Kuta’s nightlife.

First, what should you wear now that day has turned to night? Well, one of the features of the Kuta area and its surroundings in general is beach clothing which is suitable for use anywhere and anytime. Singlets, boardshorts, bikinis, thongs, they’re all good for you. You can also dress nicely. Jeans are always a good choice.

Your first priority before heading out to Kuta’s nightlife is to get some food in your stomach. Luckily, Kuta has plenty of pre- and post-party dining options.

Once you are truly ready to party in Kuta’s nightlife, if you are in the Poppies area closer to Jalan Legian, then you are in the heart of Kuta’s famous nightlife. Vi Ai Pi previously presented live music, a fashion show at the weekend, then continued with EDM performances and an urban atmosphere in the club room later. LXXY is a nightlife center that offers spectacular excitement. If you’re feeling more rootsy, check out Apache, where a softer rasta vibe with reggae music can be enjoyed. Continue down that path, and you’ll also reach the Bounty Ship, which has karaoke at the bottom and great fun at the top. Bounty and Paddies is a classic Kuta style bar, an upscale bar with girls hanging out and drinking arak juice. This new club in town called LXXY is very interesting to watch. They have two club rooms. One stop upstairs that plays house type music (also has a pool and is open all day and night), and then downstairs for EDM shows around ten at night. It’s busy indeed.

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