kecak dance ubud
Kecak and Fire Dance Ubud

GK BaliTrans, we want to show you balinese culture that you should know and see. This culture is a legacy from the ancestors which has been passed down to the current generation. Balinese people really maintain their customs and culture for hundreds of years.

Its about 100 meters from Ubud Centre…

Kecak and Fire Dance Ubud – Bali, the show is very unique and thick with Balinese culture. only in Bali you can see it.

Kecak Dance

The Kecak is “Monkey Chant” based, again, on Ramayana Epic. In Additional, however, The Kecak Fire & Trance Dance also borrows certain themes of the sanghyang exorcism, The Kecak Dance was created in the 1930s.

The performance takes place in the courtyard of the Pura Dalem Temple where the audience sit on either side of the courtyard .
There is a lone statue with candles standing in the middle of the courtyard.

A man in a sarong and udeng enters and the lights the candles . then, 100 men of the gamelan orchestra enter and sit around the statue, which burn brightly.
The men wear checkered sarongs but no udeng and begin to chant and sing and raise their arms towards the “fire”. This is first of the performance.

Kecak Dance familiar scene ensues (I Had seen the Legong Dance & Ramayana performance the night before) when the beautiful Princess Shinta and her companions enter the courtyard.
The story of Ramayana unfolds but this time, the women dance around the fire and step carefully in and out of the inner circle of the gamelan orchestra.
see legong Dance & Ramayana for the story and performance .

Fire And Trance Dance

Fire and Trance Dance Ubud

Sang-hyang-jaranThere is break and metallic barries are setup around the courtyard, separating the courtyard from the audience, A pile of coconut shells are placed in the middle of the enclosed courtyard and lit on fire. This is where the Sanghyang Exorcism trance dance comes in .

The particular sanghyang in this performance is the sanghyang djaran.Djaran means “horse”. A shirtless man holding a horse head (not real) enters and dance around.


in a state of trance, the horse man begins to dance and kick the burning pile of coconut around. He kicks them so hard that they fly into metal barriers. Some of the burning coconuts flew over the barriers and next to me and some kids.

The Fire & Trance dance ends with burning coconut extinguished and the performer sitting on a step in the temple away from the rubble with his feet out to cool them off.

The Kecak fire & Trance dance seemed a bit more authentic than the Legong Performance. there were no instruments – only men singing and chanting and the fire & trance dance was an awesome experience and performance to watch.

Watch Kecak and Fire Dance ubud – bali performances with us!! GK BaliTrans

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