Bali Home Massage / Outcall Massage Bali – We provide on call massage services to homes, hotels and villas. male therapist with professional and skilled.

Our Service ( Outcall Massage Bali ):

  • Full Body Massage ( IDR 100k/ Hour )
  • Body Massage Scrub ( IDR 130K/ Hour )
  • Reflexology Massage Bali ( IDR 80K/Hour)
  • Yoni Massage Bali ( IDR 350K )

Bali Home massage only have male therapists, massage calls cover the area: Denpasar, Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Canggu, Ubud. We guarantee the quality of massage not for sex and sensual massage. massage that we offer only massage relaxation and wellness. more oriented to tired and sore bodies back fit and healthy.

Bali Home Massage serve unisex for massage, except for yoni massage specifically for women only. We are open Monday to Friday from 6 pm to midnight and for Saturday/Sunday we are open full day.

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You can get a full body massage with a relaxing massage sensation throughout the body with aromatherapy oil so that it can relax the body. and you can also add a Balinese scrub which is very beneficial for the health of your skin. And if you just want a massage on the feet to the soles of your feet, you can try reflexology massage which is focused on the points on your feet, which are very comfortable and healthy.


Body Massage Bali (IDR 100K/H)

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Bali Home Massage / Outcall Massage Bali

Bali Home Massage / Outcall Massage Bali – What comes to your mind when you hear the word “massage”? Some people may only think of massage or body massage as an attempt to relax the body. In fact, there are many other benefits of body massage that you can get. Body massage, which consists of several types such as spa massage, traditional massage, and many more, in fact has positive benefits for health and beauty.

Health and beauty are certainly things that are often considered by many people, especially women. Then, who would have thought that you could get these two things by regularly doing body massages. If you are curious, please refer to the following reviews regarding the benefits of body massage for health and beauty:

Promotes blood circulation

Bali Home Massage techniques in body massage are certainly not arbitrary. Of all the body massage bali techniques, the therapists certainly understand the important points in the body. For this reason, massage can improve blood circulation. You may often not be aware of the condition of your body, even though blood circulation that is not smooth or clogged can have a negative impact. Apart from having an impact on health, poor blood circulation can also make skin conditions less than optimal. Starting from dry, dull, black spots, to acne are some of the effects that some people often experience. So, don’t hesitate to do body massage to improve blood circulation in the body

Relaxes Stiff Muscles

If Minasan is too busy working all day and rarely does sports, the body’s muscles become stiff. This is more common in individuals who do a lot of work sitting. Body massage can be an alternative to a healthy lifestyle for beautiful skin and at the same time relaxes stiff body muscles. Massage will make the muscles become flexible and make the body feel fresher.

Reduce stress

The routine that you have can often trigger stress, because of that you should take a moment to do “me time”. There are many ways you can do it, one of which is massage. At first glance it sounds cliche, but the massage process can actually reduce one’s stressful condition. Initially, massage movements will stretch the muscles and tendons which make you more relaxed. Furthermore, the use of aromatherapy during massage is believed to be able to make you feel calmer. The massage process usually doesn’t take long, so it can be the right choice for those of you who are busy but want to relax your mind.

Overcome various health problems

do you often experience health problems? Try doing a body massage. Various complaints such as pain, breathing problems, blood pressure, and even reproductive matters can be overcome with massage. In addition, massage is also able to treat diseases such as urinary tract disorders as well as lymph. The pressures on the massage function to encourage the systems in the body to work normally again.

Initially, massage movements will stretch the muscles and tendons which make you more relaxed. Furthermore, the use of aromatherapy during massage is believed to be able to make you feel calmer. The massage process usually doesn’t take long, so it can be the right choice for those of you who are busy but want to relax your mind.

Body Massage Scrub ( IDR 130/H )

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Body Massage Scrub / Outcall Massage Bali

What is a body massage scrub? Massage scrub is relaxation by means of massage using a scrub massage with the aim of removing dead skin cells and relaxing the muscles of the body. Usually women do massage scrubs as one of the body treatments, what’s more, this treatment can be done at home or in a salon. Currently there are many body scrub products with their respective benefits.

Promotes Blood Circulation

By doing the correct body massage scrub will help improve blood circulation in your body. Usually fatigue and stress are the cause of poor blood circulation, you can overcome this by doing a massage scrub before taking a bath.

Relaxing the Body

You can do a body massage scrub so that your body is more relaxed after a day’s activities, a scrub with massage on the whole body is useful for relaxing tense muscles. Moreover, the aroma of essential oils contained in scrubs can have a calming effect on our bodies and minds.

Overcoming Premature Aging

After knowing the explanation of what a body scrub massage is, here are the important benefits of using it on the body. The final benefit of massage scrub is preventing premature aging, this is of course a problem that many women worry about.

Brighten Skin

Apart from being good for the body, it turns out that massage scrubs are also good for brightening the skin. You can do massage scrubs regularly using salt-based scrubs. This is beneficial because the mineral content in salt is good for nourishing the skin. Moreover, scrubbing can remove dead skin cells on the body’s skin. We.

Reflexology Massage Bali (IDR 180K/H)

Reflexology Massage / Outcall Massage Bali

Bali Home Massage – Reflexology massage bali is a spa and massage/reflology massage service in Bali that focuses on applying pressure to the feet, hands and ears. Of course, not just anyone can do this type of massage. There are body parts such as the feet, hands and ears that should not be carelessly massaged. That part of the body is located nerves that can help us to be more relaxed.

Reflexology Bali

In Balinese reflexology massage there are several techniques used, one of which is Chinese Reflexology which is a reflexology massage using medicines from China. The nerve points that are pressed during Balinese Reflexology Massage are connected to other organs so that just pressing those points can make the whole body feel relaxed. The massage that is given will relieve you of body aches, relieve anxiety, calm your mind and even overcome the symptoms of certain diseases.

Usually, in doing massage, many service providers use special medicinal ingredients. By using special medicinal ingredients which are then rubbed on the hands, feet and ears to relax the body. In addition, these medicinal ingredients are able to eliminate all the pain that you have been feeling lately. For this reason, when your body is tired and your mind is full, you can do Balinese reflexology massage. With a healthy and fresh body, of course, all activities will be easier to carry out.

Yoni Massage Bali ( IDR 350K)

Yoni in Sanskrit means Vagina. However, in the tantric tradition, it means instilling mutual respect and love.

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Yoni Massage/outcall massage bali

What is yoni massage bali?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vulva or vagina, and it roughly translates as “sacred cave” or “sacred space.”

Yoni massage is a type of sensual massage that aims to help people feel more comfortable in themselves by exploring and developing their relationship with their body.

Yoni massage / sensual is one of many tantric practices. Tantra yoga, for example, was once a preferred practice in ancient India for enhancing sexual pleasure. Yoni massage / sensual can involve some tantric positions.

Possible benefits of yoni massage bali

A main goal of yoni massage is to help a person feel more in tune with their body and more comfortable in their skin.

Some proponents believe that practicing this massage on one’s own may help a person work through sexual trauma because it helps a person take control of their sexuality and learn what they enjoy.

Others might find that practicing yoni massage with a partner enhances the relationship.

It is important to note that yoni massage has no medical benefits.

Yoni massage spa bali

Is yoni massage bali safe?

Yoni sensual massage is generally safe, as long as a person practices it in a safe and hygienic way. This involves:

  • washing the hands before and after

  • properly cleaning any massage tools

  • not inserting any objects into the vagina that could cause injury or infection

  • stopping if the massage becomes uncomfortable or painful

The yoni massage bali / Sensual Massage trend has led some companies to sell yoni tools and equipment, such as yoni eggs. These are egg-shaped objects people insert into the vagina.

However, yoni eggs that consist of materials such as jade or other crystals are not safe to insert into the vagina. Many crystals are porous, which means it is not possible to fully sterilize them. This may mean they harbor bacteria. They may also dislodge intrauterine devices (IUDs).

Additionally, some massage oils and lubricants people might want to use for yoni massage may contain perfumes and other substances that can irritateTrusted Source the vulva or vagina.

A person getting yoni massage/sensual from a practitioner may also need to consider additional risks. There is no official accreditation for yoni massage/ sensual therapy in the United States, so it is important to check the practitioner’s reputation, reviews from other clients, or ask for recommendations to find someone trustworthy.

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