Hidden Munduk Waterfalls Bali

munduk waterfall bali
Munduk Waterfalls Bali

Munduk is home to some of the best waterfalls in Bali and Banyumala waterfall cluster is one of our favourites. Located right in the middle of dense jungle, Banyumala is home of 7 magnificent waterfalls, a perfect spot for swimming and natural showers. Trek through Wanagiri village, with a beautiful hortensia garden, banana and goat farm, and directly through the jungle. The main waterfall is over 30 metres high and gives the feeling of being in a large natural jungle jacuzzi and you can explore the many waterfalls and cool off in the pools.

If you are up in Munduk in Bali, then a trip to see the Munduk Waterfalls is something you just have to do. 

The Munduk waterfalls are four different waterfalls, all within walking distance of each other, and each different. The four waterfalls in order down the valley from highest to lowest are:

  • Golden Valley Waterfall
  • Red Coral Waterfall
  • Labuhan Kebo Waterfall
  • Melanting Waterfall

Not only are the Munduk Waterfalls themselves scenic and in some cases spectacular, but the whole area is just really nice to explore and walk around, with lots of pretty shaded walks, good quality paths, and nice little local cafes hidden in the jungle to stop, rest and relax at.

My personal favourite is Red Coral Waterfall, which is in my view the most spectacular, and also the easiest to get to, but sitting back at the Eco Cafe and enjoying some great snacks and coffee while watching the Golden Valley Waterfall is also really special, and we also got to paddle in the pools below Labuhan Kebo waterfall as well.  Just a great day out!

Access to the Munduk Waterfalls

Access to the Munduk Waterfalls is very easy, and can be done from both sides of the valley – either from Gobleg village or from main Munduk road between Bedugul and Lovina via Banyuatis.  

All the Munduk Waterfalls can be visited if you are reasonably fit and can handle steps, but Red Coral Waterfall can be visited relatively easily by those who are unfit, elderly or even potentially in a wheelchair.

Access to Munduk Waterfalls Bali from Gobleg Village

Access on the other side of the Munduk Waterfalls valley is via a pleasant and totally not busy single track road (Jalan Air Terjun Melanting) dotted with little local cafes selling drinks and packets of cinnamon, vanilla, and other local spices.  There is public parking for a few cars at the entrance to Labuhan Kebo waterfall, and so it is easy to park and turn around there.

From the car parking area, it is either pay your ticket and go down the path with stairs to Labuhan Kebo Waterfall, or just walk up the road for about 50m to the obvious path entrance to the Red Coral Waterfall.  The path from this side to Red Coral is flat and good, and I did not notice any steps at all, so I think even a wheelchair user could access it here.  This is certainly the easiest access to get to see Red Coral Waterfall, or indeed any of the Munduk Waterfalls.

Melanting Waterfall access is about 50m down the same single track road, before a steep path with steps starts down to the waterfall.  Apparently this is 25 minutes or so, but this time we did not have the time to do it.

From Munduk Mainroad

On one side of the Munduk Waterfalls valley is the Munduk main road (Jalan Kayu Putih -Munduk) .  

The best access is the public parking area directly opposite the Bali Jegeg Munduk Hotel and Bar, that is suitable for several cars and even large minivans, and is easy to find and park in.

The access to the Munduk waterfalls is about 25m downhill, on the other side of the road, at the apex of the corner.  It is easy to find, with a large sign saying “Waterfalls”.

After going steeply downhill from the Cafe Jegeg access for about 5 minutes, you will come to a junction where you can choose either to go down to Red Coral Waterfall and to the other Munduk Waterfalls, or continue flat tending uphill to Golden Valley Waterfall.

We went to Golden Valley Waterfall first, so we could have coffee and local snacks at the great Eco Cafe located there (I really recommend the lak lak – small green round pancakes with shaved coconut on top served with palm sugar !!). We then walked down to Red Coral, loads of photos, then walked further down to Labuhan Kebo for a quick paddle, and then back up to Cafe Jegeg for a beer and a view out over the hills from the roof terrace.

The paths between the waterfalls are really good quality, made with concrete, and with steps on the steeper sections, and many are actually used by motorbikes to supply the various characterful little cafes that are dotted about between the Munduk Waterfalls.

Time Needed to See the Munduk Waterfalls Bali

All the Munduk waterfalls can probably be seen in a couple of hours, and if you miss Melanting waterfall (the furthest away), then potentially about an hour if you really want to rush through it.  

On the other hand a quick trip to see just the Red Coral Waterfall can probably be done in as little as 20 minutes there and back from the Gobleg village with time for photos, or 30 minutes from the Munduk Main Road by Cafe Jageg.

From Red Coral Waterfall to the Golden Valley Waterfall, it is about 10 to 15 minutes uphill, on a fairly simple and easy path.  Similarly from Red Coral Waterfall to Labuhan Kebo is about 10 minutes – flat initially to the road, then steep with steps when going past the ticket office for Labuhan Kebo Waterfall.

Melanting Waterfall, is about 25 minutes further on from the Labuhan Kebo Waterfall ticket office, following the road down, and then steps again down to the waterfall.

Fees to See the Munduk Waterfalls Bali

There is a small fee to see the Munduk Waterfalls Bali. In July 2022, it was IDR 20,000/IDR 10,000 for Adults/Children to visit the Red Coral Waterfall, and IDR 10,000/IDR 5,000 to visit the Labuhan Kebo waterfall – and there is no dual pricing, so it is very reasonable.

What to Bring?

Honestly you do not need anything other than a camera. The paths are excellent and well maintained, and can easily be navigated using most footwear (probably leave the high heels at home though). 

There are cafes all around the waterfalls, all reasonably priced and run by locals, so you don’t need water or snacks, just buy something from the local cafes and help support the locals.

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