Best Hiace Car Rental in Bali

( Rekomendasi Sewa Mobil Hiace di Bali )

The island of Bali is an attractive tourist destination, both for local tourists and from various countries. Many people know Bali with its culture and customs which are still maintained by the Balinese people themselves.

Sewa Mobil Hiace di Bali – GK BaliTrans serves you tourists who want to vacation in Bali, with safe and comfortable transportation services, we really prioritize customer satisfaction. We have quality fleet units including Hiace Car Rental in Bali. We provide Hiace Car Rental to those of you who want to travel in Bali, this car unit has a large capacity and can accommodate up to 12 passengers, Hiace Car Rental is most suitable for holidays or study tours for school children, offices, gatherings, families and others.

Our Hiace cars:

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Hiace Commuter
Sewa Hiace Premio Bali Surabaya Murah
Hiace Premio

We provide this Bali Hiace car rental at a price that includes driver and car and also includes free fuel oil for 10 hours. This spacious and large capacity car is very comfortable with Full AC and Full Music according to passengers’ tastes. with professional drivers who are experienced in their field, hospitality will provide the best service for you.

We also have attractive Bali tourist destinations with holiday activities that you must try, namely:

and we also have several attractive Bali Tour packages at affordable and flexible prices:


Rekomendasi Sewa Mobil Hiace di Surabaya

Sewa Mobil Hiace di Surabaya
Surabaya - Jawa Timur

Surabaya merupakan kota terbesar kedua di Indonesia setelah Jakarta, Surabaya adalah ibu kota Provinsi Jawa Timur yang menjadi pusat pemerintahan dan perekonomian dari Provinsi Jawa Timur sekaligus kota terbesar di provinsi tersebut. Surabaya juga merupakan sebuah kota yang terletak di Provinsi Jawa Timur, Indonesia.

GK BaliTrans juga melayani sewa mobil hiace premio di area surabaya dan sekitarnya, dengan harga terjangkau yang sudah termasuk dengan jasa supir/driver yang sudah berpengalaman dan juga harga tersebut sudah FREE Bahan Bakar Minyak selama 10 Jam. untuk Arek Arek Suraboyo jangan ragu untuk menghubungi kami untuk jasa transportasi yang terbaik dengan harga terjangkau.

Kami mempunyai Unit Hiace Premio di Surabaya dengan harga Rp 1,4 juta sudah termasuk mobil, supir dan bahan bakar minyak ini anda sudah bisa menggunakan layanan sewa mobil hiace di surabaya. Supir kami siap mengantarkan anda ke tempat tujuan . 

Rekomendasi Sewa Mobil Hiace Surabaya hanya disini, Hubungi kami untuk penyewaan hiace terbaik di Surabaya.

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