Best Ink Tattoo Design and Sketch in Bali

Tattoo studios in Bali aren’t hard to find, especially throughout the island’s main southern beach resort areas of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. The professionalism, skill and experience of the tattoo artists is one thing; but quality and hygiene are equally important, and you’ll want to undergo your inking sessions in the most comfortable of setups and settings as possible.

Most tattoo studios in Bali are manned by local artists who are as amazing with their pens and sketches as they are with their tattoo guns. You can choose from a cool array of artwork from their original portfolios, from tribal motifs and ethnic styles to calligraphy and portraits. You can also consult them with your own ideas and concepts before getting prepped.

profesional best taatto design and skecth in bali
profesional best tattoo
profesional best tattoo design and skecth in bali
profesional best taatto
profesional best tattoo

Ink Tattoo Design Style in Bali


Tiny, lifelike tattoos with intricate details, often depicting portraits or objects with remarkable precision.


Tattoos composed of precise shapes and patterns, often symmetrical and visually striking.

Fine Line

Delicate tattoos created with thin lines, showcasing intricate designs and subtle details.

Black Work

Striking tattoos using only black ink, emphasizing contrast and intricate designs.



Intricate tattoos inspired by decorative arts, featuring elaborate swirls and patterns.


Tattoos influenced by traditional Japanese art and folklore, often featuring iconic symbols like dragons and cherry blossoms.


Non-representational tattoos with bold lines and colors, conveying emotions or personal meanings.


Bold, colorful tattoos featuring classic imagery like anchors, roses, and swallows, inspired by American tattooing traditions.



What is the price of your services?

Our standard price is hourly based - 1,8 million rupiahs. However, we recommend coming into the studio for a FREE consultation first. This allows our tattoo artists to discuss your design, size, placement, and any other details. After all discussions, we will be able to tell you the final price before we start a session.

Do you have available flashes?

You can find a lot of available flashes once you come to our studio. Our artists will help you to choose the most suitable one for you.

How to book a session?

To book a tattoo session write us via WhatsApp. Or just visit our studio, we will be happy to assist you with any inquiries

What’s included in the price of a tattoo?

In addition to FREE consultation the price of a tattoo includes a special membrane - "second skin", we use it to cover fresh tattoos. It allows you to a take shower and swim in the ocean. We also provide a special healing cream to make the healing process fast and efficient, and aftercare instructions with a set of stickers.


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