Unique Balinese souvenirs

Oleh Oleh Khas Bali

Balinese souvenirs
Unique Balinese souvenirs / Oleh Oleh Khas Bali

Unique Balinese Souvenirs | Oleh Oleh Khas Bali – Who doesn’t know Bali? Bali can be said to be one of the provinces in Indonesia which is well known to many people. In fact, it is not only known by domestic people, but Bali is also known by people abroad. This is not without reason because in Bali there are many very beautiful tourist attractions, especially the beaches. For example, Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach and many other places

Therefore, Bali is often used as a tourist destination for holidays. Not only is it used as a holiday destination, but Bali is also a center for souvenirs. Many people who visit will buy souvenirs for family or friends back home later. In fact, you could say that when you go to Bali it feels incomplete if you don’t buy souvenirs.

In Bali itself, you could say there are lots of souvenirs that you can choose from, from clothes, snacks, to accessories. What’s more, almost every place in Bali has a souvenir center, so it becomes easier for you to choose souvenirs.

Unique Balinese souvenirs that you must buy

Oleh Oleh Khas Bali

holiday in Bali using the services of a gk-balitrans driver, you don’t need to bother looking for one, just tell our driver, and they are ready to take you to your place of souvenirs in Bali. The following are Unique Balinese souvenirs that you must buy

Milk Pie / Pie Susu

pie susu khas bali, oleh oleh,

Milk pie is a typical Balinese snack that is popular with tourists when visiting Bali. Almost similar to pies in general, this snack has a hard texture on the outside, but is crunchy and soft when chewed.

Balinese Pia Legong

Pia Legong Bali Original

We don’t only find bakpia food in Jogja, but we can find it in Bali. In fact, you could say that Balinese bakpia is no less delicious than Jogja bakpia. Bakpia Bali is also known as Pia Legong, have you ever tried it? Pia Legong has been around since 2006.

The taste of pia legong can be said to be very diverse, such as cheese, green beans and chocolate. This souvenir can withstand mold or not for 1 to 2 weeks. The characteristic of pia legong is its very large size and it is also produced in limited quantities. Therefore, to get this souvenir, you have to queue first.

Udeng Bali

Udeng Khas Bali untuk Pria

As a companion to the Balinese Kebaya worn by women, you can buy Udeng which is usually worn by men in Bali. This Balinese udeng or headband can be used as a souvenir and can also be used as a clothing accessory. To get Balinese udeng, you could say that it is easy to find because almost at the souvenir center, you can buy this Balinese udeng.

Even though Balinese udeng is often used in traditional ceremonies, currently Balinese udeng can be used at any time and by anyone, not only during certain ceremonies.

Kamen / Cloth Bali

kamen Bali

This Balinese cloth can be said to be very popular with many tourists because of its very unique motif. The motif of this fabric is usually a floral motif.

Not only is it famous for its floral motifs, but the color combination of batik cloth can be said to be very distinctive. The colors used usually tend to be bright, but there are also dark colors. Apart from the colors and motifs, Balinese fabric is also known for its very soft material and also feels very cool. Therefore, when using this cloth you don’t feel hot.

To find and buy this cloth, you can buy it at the Bali souvenir center. The prices offered are very varied,

Joger Bali

joger bali oleh oleh khas bali

This Joger T-shirt can be said to be very well known because of the uniqueness of the image and also the material. Not only the picture, but Joger t-shirts are known for the very unique words on the t-shirts.

In fact, because it is synonymous with Bali, it feels incomplete if you don’t buy or make Joger t-shirts as souvenirs. Not just t-shirts, but Joger also provides various kinds of products, such as sandals, jackets, hats, key chains, and so on. If you want to find various kinds of Joger products, you can buy them in Kuta and Luwus Tabanan.

Heavenly Chocolate Bali

heavenly chocolate bali

For those of you who are chocolate fans, you must visit this place. heavenly chocolate Bali which is located in Kuta. They use Belgian Chocolate with a Balinese twist.

The choice of chocolate flavors is varied, there are dark choco, matcha, taro, caramel, etc. My favorite is always dark choco, and if you like baileys you can try using baileys too 👌

Coffee Bali

kopi kintamani bali

Coffee lovers certainly shouldn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Kintamani Coffee. You could say that Kintamani Coffee has become one of the best types of Balinese Coffee in Bali that should not be missed. The taste of this coffee itself can be said to be very unique, especially its sour taste.

In addition, this coffee can only grow well in special locations together with orange and chocolate trees. Not only is it known domestically, but this coffee is also known by people abroad. Apart from being sold in powder form, this coffee is also sold in bean form. Kintamani coffee is included in the Arabica coffee type.

Kacang Tari Bali Meman / Bali Peas

Kacang Tari Bali Meman asli original murah

Balinese snow peas which are prepared by native Balinese with a sweet and savory taste are very suitable for all groups, this makes Balinese peas really sought after by tourists as souvenirs.

Balinese Koro beans

kacang koro bali

Balinese koro beans themselves have various flavors, ranging from spicy, salty, and so on. When buying koro beans, you should choose the flavor that suits you.

Uniquely, these koro beans are different from beans in general. The difference lies in its shape, where koro beans have a thinner shape. Apart from that, the color of these nuts is also very unique, namely golden. The taste of these koro beans is savory and crunchy. Therefore, these koro beans are very suitable as a snack, especially when traveling.

Topeng / Mask Bali

Apart from food, it turns out that Bali is also very well known for its souvenirs in the form of accessories and handicrafts, one of which is Balinese masks. This Balinese mask has a very distinctive shape, and is dominated by the color red. These Balinese masks are usually in the form of barong masks and also scary leak masks. In fact, you could say that these Balinese masks are often sought after by tourists, both from within the country and abroad.

If you are interested in buying this Balinese mask, you can get it at several Balinese art markets. For example, Sukawati art market, Kumbasari art market, and so on. In fact, some Balinese masks also produce very unique carvings, so this souvenir can be used as an accessory at home.

Snake Fruit / Salak bali

Salak Bali can be said to be one of the souvenirs that you should not miss when going to Bali. In fact, Balinese snake fruit tastes no less than Pondoh snake fruit. Balinese salak it self consists of various types, one of the most famous types is Balinese Salak Gula Pasir.

The uniqueness of the Bali Gula Pasir salak is that the flesh of the fruit is quite large, but the seeds are smaller when compared to other types of salak. Apart from that, the Balinese Sugar Sand Salak tastes very sweet and the flesh is white.

Another typical Balinese souvenir that you shouldn’t miss is the Balinese Salak fruit. The taste of Balinese Salak can be said to be able to compete with Pondoh salak, whose sweet taste is well known to the public. Salak Bali is a type of Balinese salak that is very well known, namely Balinese Salak Gula Pasir.

Balinese Art Market / Pasar Seni Kuta

pasar seni bali

For those of you who want to look for authentic Balinese handicrafts, you must visit the Balinese art market, you can get various handicrafts from bags, knick-knacks and others here.

Balinese art markets are in Kuta, Gianyar, Ubud. contact our driver to go there easily and comfortably

Dodol Buleleng bali

oleh oleh khas bali dodol buleleng

This typical Balinese dodol is known as Buleleng dodol. As the name suggests, this dodol is mostly produced in Bali. Apart from that, you could say that the way to make dodol still uses traditional methods.

Not only that, the package of dodol can be said to be very unique because it is wrapped in corn leaves which are then tied with raffia. Therefore, when you eat dodol, it still adheres to its traditional feel.

When it is wrapped in corn leaves and tied with raffia, this dodol will resemble rolled candy.

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